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prisoner affect this week. and christine o'donnell is fighting off criticism after video surfaces of her saying she dabbled in witchcraft. we'll hear her reaction as fox 5 morning news continues right now. take a look outside. it should be a nice one. getting off to a decent start. it's 70 degrees right now. it's monday morning, september 20th, 2010. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. welcome to fox 5 morning news on a monday morning. up first, a heads up before going to the school bus. three anne arundel county schools are closed because of a water main break. these chesapeake high school, chesapeake middle school and folger mckinney. all other schools will open on time. and keeping watch of hurricane igor, it appears it will likely veer northeast away
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from the u.s. with the 75 mile- per-hour winds. the eye of the storm barely missed bermuda overnight. no early reports of major damage to the island but many parts lost power. forecasters say igor will continue to cause high surf and strong rip current as -- currents along the eastern seaboard. >> it's going to shape up nice today. it's going to be not as warm as yesterday. but a decent day today and then later in the week we'll see our temperatures warm up quite nicely. it will be like summertime again, before fall, which happens on wednesday. not much to show you folks. not much in the way of precipitation or cloud cover. a couple of clouds here and there. skies are mostly clear and shall be for the bulk of the day today. current temperatures. here in washington we are 69 degrees. 69 in fredericksberg and at patuxent naval air station. in baltimore it's 66.
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out at dulles it's 66. and in ocean city, 63 at this hour. your day planner for today, plenty of sunshine. a couple of cloud this is morning. a little built breezy as well. but we're looking for a high of about 80 degrees later this afternoon. i'll have more details on the forecast coming up in just a little bit. right now let's get an update on traffic from julie wright. if you are traveling over in virginia, you're going to find lanes are open on the beltway inner loop, leaving 50 toward 66, as an earlier accident cleared, but the inner loop of the beltway is slow leaving 236 toward 66 and in bound 7 at 123, that's where they have a crash with only one lane getting by. 66 in separate stretches slowing at manassas, fair oaks to 123 and again at the beltway. southbound 270, lanes open out of rockville but slow in the main line and the local lanes as you travel southbound toward the split. busy on the top side approaching and passing 109 and delays in germantown. outer loop below speed from 95 to georgia avenue. that's a check of your fox 5 on-
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time traffic. an american woman held in iran prison for more than a year speaks out about her ordeal. sharia shourd's comments come as the president arrives in new york for the u.j. general assembly. she was charged with spying and two other americans, her fiance and friend. they say they mistakenly crossed the board when hiking in 2009. and while shourd said she is happy for her freedom, she does not feel completely free. >> i stand before you today only one-third free. that was the last thing that josh said to me before i walked through the prison doors. we committed no crime and we are not spies. >> she did not say anything too controversial on sunday. the other two do remain behind bars. their mothers have requested a meeting with ahmadinejad to ask for the release of their son. ahmadinejad is in new york right now nor the u.j.
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general assembly. he is speaking out about the nuclear program. stacy cohan is following that angle now. >> reporter: you never know exactly what to speak when iran mahmoud ahmadinejad speaks to the general assembly. although this is drawing attention nationally, there is many other critical issues facing iran. you never know what to expect when the iran president speaks. it usually includes attacks on the u.s. and israel. ahmadinejad has said in the lead-up to the u.n. general assembly meeting that the sanctions will definitively mark a new level of progress in our economy. we have turned sanctions around and created opportunities out of this.
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but secretary of state hillary clinton says the sanctions have and will continue to effect iranians. >> the information we're getting is that the iranian regime is worried about this on their banking system and economic growth because they've encountered tough economic times and this is making it more costly. >> reporter: now secretary clinton who said that iran has not agreed to any nuclear talks during this week-long session in new york said that iran needs to permit u.n. nuclear inspectors to do their job by the u.n. nuclear watchdog group. ahmadinejad said there has been no blockade of inspectors but that differs greatly from reports from the inspectors who are saying they are not allowed to carry out their work inside iran. reporting live, i'm stacy cohan, back to you. >> stacy, thank you very much. it's 7:05 right now. stacy talked about what is
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happening up there. we'll talk about what is happening in delaware now. >> the delaware republican candidate is brushing off comments that she made about experimenting with sourceery. christine o'donnell said she was a teenager in high school. she's defending a tape released by bill mar from ten years ago saying she dabbled in witchcraft. >> that witchcraft comment, i was in high school. how many of you didn't hang out with questionable folks in high school. but no, there has been no witchcraft since. if there was, karl rove would be a supporter now. >> she withdrew from appearing on two sunday morning shows, including fox news sunday. she said she promised to appear at a church picnic.
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dr. ron walters did not live an extravagant life but he did help shape the lives of millions of people here and around the country. at a memorial service yesterday what most people were impressed with was the man. roby chavez has more. >> we are thankful for the privilege of knowing him, of being taught by him. >> reporter: at howard university, it was a steady stream of praise for dr. ron walters and healing thoughts for his family. >> something vast and noble has passed from among us. it is like a mighty oak has fallen, leaving an empty and gaping and glaring space against the sky where he stood. [ singing ]
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>> reporter: the 72-year-old was considered the brain trust of the civil rights movement. today a long list of those he mentored spoke about the man who talked to the powerful and the powerless with the same gentleness. many were humbled in his presence. >> thank you, dr. walters. thank you, sir. because you never lowered the bar. in fact you raised it so high that some of us had to stand on our toes to try to reach your expectations of us. and we promised to stop being so petty. >> reporter: it all started at a lunch counter in wichita, kansas, in 1958 when walters took a seat before sit-ins caught the headlines protesting segregation. walters went on to be a teacher, author and advisor to politicians. his former students like congressman elijah cummings have gone on to greatness. >> thank you for seeing in us
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what we could not see in ourselves. and thank you, thank you so much for making us realize that we could be better. >> we're so sad that you left us so soon. but we thank you for leaving us so much. [ applause ] reporter: at howard university, roby chavez, fox 5 news. >> dr. walters spent 25 years at howard before becoming director of the african- american leadership institute at the university of maryland and he was to return to howard this fall. questions continue to linger about the death of a man in frederick, maryland. police were called to a home on south market street three times to break up a fight between a man and woman. on the third visit they found
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the women injured -- found the woman and another gunshot by the man. >> everything is still under investigation by our criminal investigation division and some determinations are yet to be made. >> the woman involved was taken to the hospital for minor injuries. an autopsy is being done to determine whether the gun shot that killed cohen was from the officers. police got a call on saturday that the wife of steven combs le floor has fallen on lime kiln road. they determined she had been beaten to death. combs-le floor is being held without bond. yet another armed robbery in college park. this one early sunday morning in the parking lot of college park center on baltimore half new. three men came up from the
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victims from behind and took items from his pocket and then took off. it's not known in this is related to a series of robberies from last week. a typhoon hits taiwan, and that's next. and the game that got away from the redskins. dave ross joins us for monday morning quarterback. and don't forget to vote for the high school football game of the week. these are your choices: to vote go to and click on sports. or you can text the game number or school name to 55171. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. 7:11 now. ou
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powerful tieon has -- typhoon has made landfall. more than 100 100 injured and thousands were forced to leave their home. up to 44 inches of rain has fallen on the southern part of the island with more to come. that's amazing. >> it is when you think about here if we get four inches of rain it's a huge story. think about 40. >> those are slow-moving storms so the huge typhoon, rain coming down and it was moving so slowly and that's how it's accumulating so much, so quickly there. so that's a problem. a few moments ago we were talking about when fall begins here. it begins on wednesday morning.
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so tomorrow will be the last full day of summer. >> say it isn't so. >> can you believe that. but here is what is weird. it will warm up dramatically like back in july. so we'll talk about that. right now at reagan national, our temperatures drop to 67 degrees. 76% is your humidity. winds out of the north, it's breezy out, 13 miles per hour, barometric pressure is on the rise as high pressure begins to settle in. here is your temperatures across the country. we are at 67 degrees. there is a look at the national temperatures. we have 70 in wichita, we have 74 degrees at dallas, texas. 58 up in detroit. 61 in los angeles. here is a look at the sat-rad for the nation. look at the east. that is hurricane igor. look at how close it is to the u.s. mainland but it is tracking north, northeast so it won't be a problem for us in terms of any landfall or
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anything like that. but it is producing strong rip currents along the east coast of the united states so be aware of that. here is your five-day forecast. beautiful day, a lot of sunshine, high about 80 degrees. and then tomorrow another great day, sunny and 82. and then wednesday, the first day of fall, 90 degrees. hot and humid on thursday and on friday as well as we'll be in the upper 80s. so those of you who like the hot weather, julie wright, will get more of it during the middle part of the week. >> that's good because it doesn't force you right into the weather. >> this is what we're used to and we'll get more of it in october. julie, are you talking about the end of summer? >> not trying to hear that. i'm telling you, man, i'm not going down without a fight. on the roads, the outer loop is below speeding leaving 95 to georgia. we checked that intersection along university boulevard at carol where we had reports of an incident.
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nothing found there. behind me, this is a live shot of 270 southbound and working out of rockville no. problems to report headed for the lane divide. 270 is slow approaching and passing 109. in germantown, heading for mva and 28 toward falls road. 395 at duke street, all lanes are open but heavy and slow toward seminary road. no problems at the wilson bridge. downtown new york avenue traffic slowing at bladensberg and checking for a crash on 295 at the suitland parkway. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. yesterday the redskins tried to do something they had not done in years and that's start the season 2-0. it would be a major improvement, but it didn't happen. they got close. joining us now is dave ross to play monday morning, quarterback. if the good news is, there is still time for first place.
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>> philadelphia is 1-1 and the cowboys are 0-2. and they were so close to winning this game on five different occasions. they didn't win it. but kicking around the news room with some of the redskins fans and you get the impression that they did win. they're almost happy, the fans can be happy. there is no moral victory for the plays, they're going to think they should have won the game but the fans should be excited. because you saw things you haven't seen in a long time. a very -- an offense that looked like a offense. mcnabb looks like mcnabb of old. and again no turnovers. but this is one of the plays rights here. just one second away from getting a sack and they throw it up to andre johnson, and we're going to overtime. shanahan has to be thinking, you can't complete that pass.
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and graham gano had made it but then they ice the kicker and then this time not so much so the overtime kinked and then you knee neal rackers would score. >> a tough one. we were sitting in the stands and gano hit the 52-yarder and then you heard the whistle. you thought are you kidding me. but at least we know he can do it. he has the leg for 52 yards. >> that's a crab shoot. it's a flip of the coin and it's hard to blame him on that. but we talked about reporters in the locker room and that sort of thing last week. here are the first reactions of mike shanahan after the tough loss yesterday in the locker room. >> that type of game is tough to lose. you have your opportunities to put the game away and you don't take advantage of it. that's what happened today. i thought our football team played extremely hard. we had our opportunities a
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number of times to seal it and didn't get it done. >> i never at any point thought we would lose the ballgame, even when we went into overtime. i felt like we would still win the ballgame and it just didn't happen today. >> he talked about opportunities to put this game away. had there been a three point game, you might understand that, but where did they put this away. >> i think the running game -- the lack of a running game. they could not keep the ball out of the houston texans offense. and the redskins running game was nonexistent, therefore even if they scored quickly, they gave it right back and when they didn't score in the fourth quarter they had to keep punting back to the texans and that offense is too good and they were on the field too long and that's why this went into overtime. one guy on the defense that was all over the place again, laron landy. have you seen this guy play
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this year, people, he's amazing. in week one he had 17 tackles. yesterday he had 11 more and that sack right there, i mean he really is coming on and finally proving to be the safety that we knew he could be. >> this is what we look for when they took him. >> they have him in position now. but again i think that's a real positive for the team going forward. laron landy, if he can play like this, the defense will be formidable. >> just as long as he's not on the field as long as he was yesterday. back to you at the desk. monday morning and good news today about the bp oil spill. we're going to check out the other stories making headlines this morning when we come back. then in the next half an hour, we are live with a look at some of the treasures you can find at habitat for humanity's restore as the bargain hunters paradise. perhaps that what took my breath away just then. stay with us. we're back in a moment. n
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8:25 right now. time for a look at stories making headlines this monday morning. the blown-out well in the gulf is finally dead, five months after the explosion started the leak. the government conducted one last test on the cement plug before declaring the well dead. but the oil still needs to be cleaned up upon the coast and the people there will be feeling the effects for years to come. firefighters trying to contain a fire in salt lake city, utah. 1200 people have been evacuated. it's burned more than 300 acres and they say dry brush caught on fire during a artillery training session. a bird gun is an approved firearm but the mayor of the city of frederick is warning people that it could be loud. the bird eradication program is starting this morning and runs through thursday. time now is 7:26 on this monday morning. up next, another check of our
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top stories. then she is the new head of a watch dog agency aimed at protecting consumers. but not everyone is happy. we'll take a closer look when fox 5 morning news returns. n
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welcome back. here is another look at today's top stories now. world leaders are gearing up for the general assembly of the united nations this week in new york. all eyes will be on iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad who is known for his controversial remarks united states and israel. he has not said whether two american hikers will be released from prison following the release of sayre saw shourd. her fiance and friend are still being held. president obama took his family to church at st. johnez episcopal. this is the fourth time they have attended church. every sitting president has visited st. johns at one time or another. and three anne arundel county schools are closed because of a water main break.
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they are chesapeake high school, chesapeake middle school and folgers middle school. all other schools are open. we have clear skies and temperatures in the 60s across the region. so not bad at all. let's take a look and start with the current temperatures. our temperatures have gone down here in washington. we are now at 67 degrees in the district. 68 degrees out at annapolis. dulles airport is at 65 and manassas at 64. gaithersburg is 61. and in baltimore it is currently 64 degrees. let's take a look at the winds. they are not particularly brisk, but blowing out of the north at 13 miles per hour here in d.c. 9 mile-per-hour winds reported at dulles. that's breeziness behind a cold front that has come through. we had clouds during the overnight hours. the clouds have pushed out. still a bit of breeziness and this is coming from the north so it's ushering in cooler weather for us today. satellite radar for the region
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looks like this. i mentioned the front, you can see it as it goes through. no precipitation fell in our area. clouds have dissipated behind the front. we have cooler, drier air, there are some clouds out to the west, so western maryland you're seeing cloud cover this morning. this is the edge of hurricane igor. look at how close it is. the only impact for us is strong rip currents and higher than normal tides for the mid- atlantic and northeast. your forecast for today looks like this, a few early clouds, but becoming mostly sunny. it's mostly sunny right now. i just stepped out, a beautiful afternoon. a high of 80 degrees. then for tonight, a clear night. jewider is -- jew pitter will be very bright tonight. cool temperatures in the 50s. and then tomorrow very comfortable, 82 degrees with sunshine for tomorrow. but wednesday, thursday, friday, summer returns with hot conditions, highs around 90 degrees. and the humidity will be in effect as well. that's a look at what is
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happening with the weather. now let's get the latest on the morning rush hour traffic from julie wright. every time you say hot i think of that song, hot, hot, hot. >> i know you do. i know you love it. >> and i do that little dance too. >> can i see that? >> no. it's a dance you were doing earlier this morning. >> you look better doing it. >> thanks. outer loop of the beltway, delays leaving 95 college park past new hampshire and toward the exit there at georgia. all lanes are open. no incidents to report. it's simply dealing with volume delays. southbound 29 on the slow side as you travel from white oak toward four corners and southbound 270 on and off the brakes leaving 109 through germantown and again 28 headed for the lane divide. southbound 95, slowing 198 to the beltway. there is the sunshine and in the glare, in bound new york avenue traffic is slowing at bladensberg road. those delays continuing toward brentwood parkway. all lanes are now open. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. president obama has put a
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lot of power over the nation's credit market into the hands of an old friend. elizabeth warren has been named the consumer protection czar being touted as the answer to runaway wall street practices. but some say they are being silenced. joining us, mark catoe and barbara summer, thank you for being here this morning. i think this is a good move. why? >> elizabeth warren has been a consistent advocate of cob assumer -- consumer rights. and she will be a strong advocate in the white house after a decade when reckless wall street practices drove consumers into debt. >> and mark, you disagree. >> i think it is a good move but for different reasons. i think it eliminates the opportunity that she'll be appointed to head the agency.
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it's important to keep in mind that what she's been appointed to do is the assistant to its treasury secretary and the president, all authority for the new agency will still rest with tim geithner. he's not known as being tough on banks. so anything she has to do will be approved by geithner and i think the weight has been done. and i spent seven years working in the senate and people are very protective of their own prerogative. it looks like it snubs the senate and we're trying to put somebody in place without getting them confirmed and there are people on both sides of the aisle that are slighted by that. so to a large extent i think the way this has been done undermines her legitimacy or any chance she'll be confirmed by the senate for this position. >> and did you bring up a good point. this is an advisory role. so this is not where she would have to go before the senate. at some point though somebody will have to do that. so what type of person, if it's not her, would best fill this
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position? >> well we start with, i think our consumer finance law has been overlawyered and i mean it's become a compliance culture. it's a check the box and at the end of the day if the consumer has a problem or the lawyers said you didn't cross the t on page 26, therefore we are out of the loan, we should look at how they understand the forms and look away at having a lawyer run this agency. i would like to have a psychological economist do this. our 30 years of consumer finance law has been a failure and she's been at the forefront of shaping that. and i don't think it's worked. and i don't think it's important to emphasize what we've heard, how we continue to hear how this will bring in wall street. wall street is completely exempt from the new consumer finance agency. this is not an attempt to go after wall street. almost everybody who had anything to do with the crisis is not covered by this agency.
7:37 am
>> what do you think about that? >> i think mark has made a good point as to why warren is such a good choice to take on the interim position but also to eventually be a official director. one of the biggest priorities that elizabeth warren has consistently said she has for this agency is to simplify consumer disclosured for credit products, whether it's your mortgage or credit card. she wants a two-page document that lays out the cost and risks so the consumers can make informed choices. that's not over lawyering, that's simplifying the process and she's said that's a big priority of hers. as far as whether or not the form of this appointment was a good idea for consumers at the end of the day we think it was and this is why, because the republicans in congress has consistently threatened and proven they will stall any nomination that comes out of
7:38 am
the obama administration and so president obama was face with the two choices. either nominate elizabeth warren to head the agency and make her sit on the side lines and wait for six months or a year while this got politicked through congress, meanwhile the consumer agency was not getting up and running, or put someone who knew the job into the position to get the agency off the ground and think about the confirmation process later on and we think that's a good move for consumers. >> let's talk wall street and politics out of this and focus on the consumers, because that is the root of this. and what is it that consumers need at this point that they are not getting, the reason why we've gotten into this position with this whole agency that's been created? regardless of who is running it, what do we need? >> we got into the problem because we had banking regulators that were thinking of banking profits first and not consumers. so the idea behind this agency is to have an agency that is looking first and foremost out
7:39 am
for consumers, to be a check on banks when practices are abusive to consumers and putting the financial industry at risk. what consumers should expect out of this agency right away is an agency that is responsive, so an agency that is proactively going around the country, finding out what credit problems are and we think that's a key priority for elizabeth warren. an agency that is both taking in consumer complaints to act on them and find -- figure out what going on in the credit process in the future. and then the agency needs to act on the key consumer credit problems and that's implementing the new mortgage and credit card rules and moving toward things like investigating interest rates, investigating pay-day lending, other problems that consumers are having. >> can we do this, mark, without too much politicizing? >> whatever you would think of her, she's a divisive figure.
7:40 am
i think the president should reach across the aisle. if you want to get a nomination done -- the republicans didn't stop supreme court nominees getting done. they could have done it in two weeks. they just didn't want to do it because they didn't want to put democrats on the spot of voting for her. but i want to take a different direction in that i don't believe we're here in a financial chris is because credit was too expensive, i believe we're here because it was too cheap. and if you drive down interest rates to when they were negative, you get housing through the roof. and it wasn't that people were -- and i want to be clear, there was fraud and abuse and there is every time there is a bubble. and we let our markets move toward casinos and now people will have to honor their obligation and pay their bills. it's gone too much in that
7:41 am
direction. so were consumers confused, yeah, but most of them with the attitude that my house will double in value in two years and i'm going to flip it and walk away and there is no discussion in washington about holding that responsible. if you look at the fbi's data on mortgage fraud, the number one instance of mortgage fraud is consumers lying on their application, either they live there or their income. and do we hold people people accountable because they commit fraud? we do not. we say you are the consumer and therefore you are always victim. we need to help the real victims. but the people who lie and steal from fraud should not be let off the hook. >> thanks both. allison, back to you. it is now 7:41. coming up next, some news that will probably make your skin crawl. what massive store is shut down because of bed bugs. plus tony is back with your
7:42 am
workweek weather and julie has your on-time traffic. we'll be right back.
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this might gross you out but let me tell you about it any way. bed bugs showing up in more new york city stores. niketown is now the late toast temporarily shut down because of the creepy crawling infestation. bed bugs have forced the empire state building and several offices to temporarily close. fikey said they are taking proactive action and announced the closure as soon as they were discovered. so bed bug town is closed down for a little while. >> what is going on up there? >> i don't know. >> new york. stay away. we want to get outside if we can because it's a nice one. >> going to be a good one today. pleasant conditions outside. i think today and tomorrow. >> let me say happy birthday to
7:46 am
spence -- whoiss turning 6 today. >> have a great day at school. here are the headlines. the week starts with more sunshine. middle part of the week it will get hot and humid and into the latter part of the week too. very little chance for any rain this week. it does not look like we'll get any. maybe we'll throw a shower in there for wednesday and thursday. we'll see. meanwhile igor is still a hurricane but a category one at this point. here is a look at the satellite radar for our region. there is igor, take a look. you can see igor moving northward. the impact on the united states is minimal but we do see strong rip currents and we are going to see higher than normal high tide along the easten seaboard from the carolinas up into the northeast. but igor is moving away. high today about 80 degrees. not bad at all.
7:47 am
a lot of sunshine. comfortable humidity. tomorrow nice as well. but then wednesday, thursday and friday heat and humidity return. highs in the upper 80s to 90 degrees, believe it or not. there you go. that's how you end your week. fall begins wednesday morning after -- or during the 11:00 hour. >> it's a fall celebration. >> yes. we do a little dance. >> except for julie wright. she does not do the fall dance. >> what are you going to do? >> i have a hard time embracing it. >> thank you very much. >> do you like sweaters, julie. >> you break out the fall fashions. >> the fall fashion. [ laughter ] that's sweaters, gloves and mittens. >> we'll be team summer and they are team fall. >> thank you. i appreciate it. southbound delays in rockville toward the lane divide no. accidents, just volume delays. inbound new york avenue at south dakota is where we have the crash trying up the center
7:48 am
of the roadway and that will keep you on the brakes out of cheverly off of both 50 and the parkway. 395 across the 14th street bridge, all lanes are open. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. the buzz bin, paris hiltons trouble. she is expected to be in court in las vegas today. she's agreed to plead guilty to two misdemeanor in connection with her arrest last month in laound drugs in her car. she'll be put on probation for a year. she as was charged with cokation possession and obstructing a officer. and lady gaga will stand next to servicemen who have been discharged because they are gay. the rally at the university of southern maine is meant to put pressure on the senators.
7:49 am
she kaz hauled on the military to repeal the prohibition for soldiers to say they are gay. it is now 67 degrees. she is one of the most respected motor crass athletes in the world. >> she's going to join us with a look at her moves in our 9:00 hour. but first here is holly. >> reporter: you caught me at a bad time. no, i'm kidding. you caught me at a great time. and you know what, these toilets are only $20. we are live this morning at the habitat for humanity re-store and we'll talk about the good finds you can get here and the cause. it's all live next. stay with us. we create and broadcast content and then distribute it across tv, the web, and via mobile. i even use the web to get paid. with acceptpay from american express open,
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we now invoice advertisers and receive payments digitally. and i get paid on average three weeks faster. booming is never looking for a check in the mail. because it's already in my email.
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7:52 right now. the habitat for humanity northern virginia is celebrating it's 20th anniversary. >> and this morning holly morris is at them at their re- store in chantilly, virginia. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the slogan here is miss a day, miss a deal. miss a chance to do good. that's what the re-store is all about. jane snow den is here at the chantilly store, which is about
7:53 am
to celebrate the one year anniversary. so i bet it's been billy over the last year. >> that's right. >> reporter: and so for people that aren't familiar with the re-store, tell us how it works. >> we receive merchandise from homeowners, businesses, contractors, leftover items that people have upgraded and decided they don't need any more. all of the items that you see here would have been thrown in the trash. >> reporter: how did this idea come to be? >> it starts years ago when folks used to donate materials thinking that we use the use materials in our new builds so on weekends they would have a big huge yard sale. so they came up with the concept that why don't we start a store and resell the merchandise. >> reporter: and when you say miss a day, miss a deal, and that's because it's always changing. this is an amazing deal. >> this is a five-star six- burning stove with girl that retails for about $6,000 and we're selling it here for $2,000 and thrown in the hood.
7:54 am
>> reporter: that's amazing. let's walk over this way. on any given day, do you a good selection? >> every day. like we say, miss a day and miss a deal. >> reporter: and what about the warranty in terms of the items? >> on all of our appliances we give a 30 day warranty. and on everything else that you purchase, if you have a problem with it and it doesn't fit, unlike normal thrift stores, we'll allow tough bring it back. we don't do a refund, but we'll do a store credit. >> reporter: i'm making my way over here to mirage because mirage volunteers here at the store. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> reporter: thank you for giving of your time. why do you chose to volunteer. >> i was first a customer here and i found excellent deals, very learned stuff and it all helped me to redo my own home and once i was finished i found time to give back to the community. >> reporter: good for you. >> yeah, thank you. and it's very convenient location. you find all of the deals, very learned deal and it's very
7:55 am
fulfilling to help other people as well. >> reporter: so you redo your whole house almost? >> with the help of some people. >> reporter: with some nice people that helped you but you found the deals here. >> almost everything from the lights, you name it and i got it from here. >> reporter: you are a true inspiration. thank you very much. >> you have a nice day. >> reporter: and you got such a great deal and decided to give back. and scott reamer also donates. and you donate in the way of materials and supplies. >> yes ma'am. >> reporter: so tell me what you give? >> we're a hardwood and carpet flooring store and we donate hardwood, carpet and vinyl and other hard surfaces and we donate once a quarter when the materials become available. both leftover material that we haven't used and also recycled material from people's homes that we've taken up. >> reporter: and you have to admit that when you come in here, you see the prices and
7:56 am
you are like oh, my word. >> they are excellent prices. >> reporter: and people are getting good stuff, right? >> absolutely. >> of course. sometimes it's brand new. sometime it's hasn't been used. >> reporter: it's like overstock or something? >> yeah. so we'll donate the overstock to people. >> reporter: and why did you choose this particular cause? >> well we really just feel like habitat for humanity does a great job of giving back to the community. we've been here for 30 years and we've been lessed to -- blessed to be prosperous and they've been doing a good job here. >> reporter: the restore is opened monday through friday 11:00 to 7:00 and saturday 9:00 to 5:00. they are two stores in virginia, one in alexandria and here in chantilly. they are closed on sunday. we are going to continue to bargain hunt for a good cause in the next hour. back to you guys in the studio. >> thank you, holly. 7:56 on this monday morning. it is said that d.c. area is recession-proof, but is it really true when it comes to
7:57 am
the poverty numbers just released? the impact on the area right here in the d.c. region coming up after 8:00. and then it is national cholesterol awareness month. did you know that? ahead the next hour, look at some possibly life-saving warning signs for you. stay with us. 
7:58 am
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a renewable electricity standard today.
8:00 am
right now at 8:00, the controversial president of iran comes to new york city for the u.j. general assembly. he's already making strong statements as an american is freed from prison making statements of her own. and tea party candidate christine o'donnell fights off criticism after video surfaces of her admitting that she dabbled in witchcraft. we'll take a closer look at this controversy and hear her reaction. heartbreaking loss for the burgundy and gold yesterday at fedex field. just when we thought the redskins had won, a timeout at the wrong time for the redskins. good morning and thanks for being with us this monday. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. up first, we do want to let you know, parents, teachers and
8:01 am
students, three anne arundel county schools are closed because of a water main break. they are chesapeake high school, chesapeake middle school and folger mackenzie middle school. all other anne arundel schools are open. and we're keeping our eye on hurricane igor. it appears the category one storm will veer northeast away from the u.s. with the 75 mile- per-hour winds. eye of the storm barely missed bermuda overnight. there were no reports of major damage to the island but they do lose power. igor will continue to cause high surf and rip currents along the eastern seaboard. >> it is a category one and still being felt. >> and bermuda felt it. winds up to 90 miles per hour plus. problems there. for us, we have some strong rip currents because of igor and that's about it. some higher than normal high tides among the eastern seaboard.
8:02 am
but other than that, things look great. take a look at the satellite radar. we don't have much to show you. we had no precipitation with the passage of a front that came through overnight. there is the edge of igor, isn't that impressive looking off shore? and we have nothing in the way of cloud cover either for the region. so we are precipitation free, cloud free and it will be a pretty day today. here is a look at the temperatures around the region. that is close for a hurricane and for us to not be feeling any real effects of it. 67 degrees in washington. 64 in baltimore. 65 at dulles airport. patuxent naval air station 70 degrees. maryland, 63. your forecast for today, not bad. mostly sunny and a nice afternoon. 80 degrees for the high. not bad at all. >> and i feel like you were waiting on more of a reaction. >> i thought there might be because it was a dramatic picture. >> it's really close. julie wright has a look at our metro traffic. julie, we like to give tony a
8:03 am
hard time. what is going on. >> poor tony. he just takes it from all ends on some days. >> we weather people get excited about it. >> he's like a human we'll wobble. he won't fall down. i do it because i can. on the roads, you'll find lanes open with no incidents to report. and southbound along 270, this is a mess. delays from 121 clarksburg extend through germantown and continue down toward your exit there in gaithersburg. and we have more slow traffic south of that leaving rockville from 28 to the split. the outer loop is low from 95 to georgia and now inbound new york avenue. crash still in place and that's what is tieing up the center of the roadway at this point. delays big time from riverdale and cheverly off the bw parkway and 50. 395 across the 14th street bridge remains heavy over the potomac. no accidents, just volume delays. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. world leaders are coming
8:04 am
together in new york city this week for the annual u.n. general assembly. once again iran feels -- steals the spotlight with the president and nuclear program. stacy cohan joins us live from the news room with more on the big story. stacy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. and it does appear this is becoming a repeating theme, having iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad feeling the show up in new york, creating a lot of buzz ahead of the united nations general assembly. there is not only talk about the nuclear program, but there is a great deal of discussion centered on the two american hikers that remain imprisoned in tehran. sarah shourd is back on american soil but her mind is in tehran. >> i stand before you today only one-third free. that was the last thing that josh said to me before i walked through the prison doors. >> reporter: she left behind her fiance shane bower and
8:05 am
their friend who remain behind bars. >> we committed no crime and we are not spies. we in no way intended any harm to the iranian government or its people and believe a huge misunderstanding led to our detention and prolonged imprisonment. >> reporter: also speaking from new york, ahmadinejad. he called shourd's relief a humanitarian gesture. u.n. general sat down with him ahead of the assembly. the iranian president also spoke with the associated press. >> it is clear that the future belongs to iran and enemys will be fruitless and sanctions will be in fecttive. >> reporter: but the issues go beyond that. >> i am appreciative and grateful that sarah was released and want to see here
8:06 am
two come patriots but other americans leesed as well and we are concerned about the nuclear program. >> reporter: well concerned or not, ahmadinejad has not agreed to any meetings on the nuclear program thus far and with regards to the two hikers who remain imprisoned, the iranian president has not said if or when they will be released. stacy cohan, back to you. the republican candidate for senate from delaware is under fire for comments that she made about witchcraft when she was a teenager. >> how are you a witch? >> because i doubled into witchcraft and i hung around people doing these things. i'm not making this up. i know it and they told me they do. one of my dates were -- >> lowe, wait. >> one of my first dates with a witch was on a satanic alter. >> and that clip is from the bill maher show back in the
8:07 am
'90s. she's laughing it off now saying she made the comments when she was back in high school. >> the witchcraft comment on bill maher, i was in high school. how many of you didn't hang out with questionable folks in high school. but no, there has been no witchcraft since. if there was, karl rove would be a supporter now. >> o'donnell was supposed to go on a couple sunday morning news show, including fox news sunday, but she said she had already promised to appear at a church picnic and did not cancel her appearance on the show because of the tape released by bill maher. the former agriculture department executive forced to resign from her job because of a you tube video speaks out. shirley sherrod was forced to quit after a blogger posted her message on discrimination. she spoke on sunday at a d.c.
8:08 am
church and karen gray houston was there. >> reporter: the metropolitan african methodist episcopal church has hosted statesmen and civil rights leaders. it's undergoing a major renovation and that did not stop shire sherrod from telling her story. >> this persons with e-mailing me, saying you should be ashamed of yourself. >> reporter: she is still haunted by the video. >> if you have a white person say their story. >> reporter: a conservative blogger posted excerpts seemed to show she withheld assistance from a georgia farmer because he was white. >> i just knew the administration would support me. >> reporter: she was talking about her own racial transformation. but the truth did not get out until she was forced to resign. president obama apologized. she declined an offer to go back to agriculture.
8:09 am
she said she's shoeing blogger andrew brightbart. >> do the right thing and god will help you through any situation. >> reporter: folks who heard her remarks had this to say. >> it gives us a new perspective on how people are being treated. >> she spoke directly to life, pain, the ability to not be able to believe beyond what is possible. >> she said if you do things right in the beginning, it will work out in the end. >> we have to reach out, reach back and help. you never know, you could be helping the second black president of the united states. and the next time she might be a woman. >> reporter: in the district, karen gray houston, fox 5 news. >> sher rod's speech was part of a new feature called sundays with those who have made a contribution to the nation and
8:10 am
the african-american community. the president went to st. john's church on sunday. this is the fourth time the obamas have attended st. johns. every sitting president since james madison has visited. at howard university hundreds gathered at a memorial service for walters. among his many accomplishments, shaping campaigns for reverend jessie jackson. dr. walters taught life lessons. >> he said don't measure yourself by them, you are better than that. and i'll never forget those words. and the respect we had for him was so great, i took my little b-minus and walked out. >> walters was thrust into the segregation debate after he
8:11 am
took a seat at a wichita, kansas, in the civil rights movement. it is 8:10 on this monday morning. poverty rate is at the highest level in 15 years. we'll look at what this means for everyone, including d.c. residents when we come back. and then the university of maryland campus put on alert. another robbery near the college park campus. stay with us. that and more coming up when fox 5 morning news continues.  ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks]
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our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
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8:14 am
check headlines at 8:14. we start in frederick where a death investigation is underway. a man died after police came to his home for a third time early sunday to break up a fight between a man and woman. officers arrived to find olivia cohen holding a gun. the officers shot at him but it's not sure which shot killed him. and after a routine 911, steven combs lafleur called to say his wife had fallen at their home on lime kiln road
8:15 am
but investigators realized she had been severely beaten. he is now facing first-degree murder charges. police investigate another armed robbery in college park. a person was assaulted and robbed around 4:30 a.m. on sunday in the parking lot of the college park shopping center on baltimore avenue. it's unclear if this is related to a series of robberies near the campus in recent weeks. it is now 8:15 and time to turn our attention to tony. he has the forecast. and a little bonus for this morning. >> even more. it is the time for the my first 5 photo of the day. let's take a look. there she is. that is lorissa. and she's at the charles county fair. >> how fun. >> clearly enjoying one of the rides there, having a good time. she's very, very cute. we're not told how old she is. but she's having fun. >> and she's so color coordinated with that drag on
8:16 am
creature. >> thank you for sending that in. very cute. to send us your child's picture go to on mornings. let's look at the current conditions being reported at reagan national where it is now 68 degrees, relative humidity is at 70%. your winds are out of the north at 16 miles per hour. but they're gusting now to 22 miles per hour. so we've talked about breezy conditions. they are here. off the eastern seaboard, that is hurricane igor which made its presence known on bermuda over the course of the weekend with heavy rain, strong winds. igor is moving to the north, northeast. gradually we expect the turn to take place. it may be in the form of rip currents and heavy surf into high today about 80 degrees. not bad at all. a great day. tomorrow is a great day as well. but wednesday, the first day of fall, fall beginning on wednesday morning, it's going
8:17 am
to get hot. it's going to be like summertime. 90 degrees for the high. still warm on friday, high in the upper 80s. that's what is happening with the weather. now let's get more on the rush hour traffic with julie wright. >> don't put that slip and slide away just yet. 90 degrees on wednesday. >> you'll be ready to use it. >> i don't think anybody wants to see me on a slip and slide. but that means ice cream trucks still make one more round through the neighborhood. >> you get ice cream, wednesday, thursday and friday. >> it's a deal. traveling the beltway at kenilworth, lanes are open no, problems along this stretch. had the crash on the beltway, outer loop at ritchie marlboro. they cleared that over to the right lane. so traffic is getting by there at the scene. inbound along 66, hanes open headed for the tr bridge with no accidents to report. 66 outside of the beltway, still congested leaving 7100 toward 123 and nutley street to the beltway. reston toll road -- the toll
8:18 am
road slow at reston and delays eastbound at the algonquin parkway. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. it's been said that the washington metro area is recession proof but have we escaped unscathed of the fallout of the past couple of years. new numbers from the government said the national poverty rate is up to more than 40% of the -- 14% of the population. joining us with what the numbers look is jenny reed, a policy analyst with the d.c. fiscal policy institute which studies budget and tax issues and their impact on low and moderate income residents. thank you for being with us. we were speaking off camera and i asked you if there is anything you want to look at with these numbers and what your organization finds interesting about the disturbing numbers? >> well i think that one of the most disturbing things that we've seen is that we predict an estimated 11,000 d.c. residents fell into poverty
8:19 am
just last year. and that means that nearly one in five d.c. residents are living in poverty. so they may say that d.c. is recession proof but for tens of thousands of d.c. residences, that's not the case. >> what population is this? is this a certain demographic that is not counted in the numbers. because when it came out, the little nugget that we all held on to was in d.c. the numbers are a little bit better? >> well i think what we see is that d.c. is re kateing -- is creating jobs, but d.c. residents aren't getting the jobs. so we see huge spikes in the unemployment. in fact it is higher than the national average and there are certain groups that tends to be effected more, african- americans, those without a high school diploma or ged. >> the latest numbers, hard to wrap your mind around. we're talking about 14% of us living at the poverty line or below the poverty line. what does this tell you there
8:20 am
at the d.c. fiscal policy institution, an organization that studies this? where are we as a nation right now? >> right now we're feeling the effects of the recession, as i mentioned earlier, unemploy has spiked to record levels and because of that more and more people are falling into poverty. so right now in d.c., we have a huge problem where a lot of people just can't find a job and that means they just can't take care of their families. >> a question that comes to mind is, who are these new class of working poor people, if you will? who are the new people below that poverty line? >> i think you'll find that a lot of people who were just straddling the poverty line or maybe just above it, when they lost their job, it pushed them below poverty. so you have folks already struggling who are struggling even more and those who are just getting by are now worse off. >> there was a number that came out. you saw the poverty line that we speak of, and those that make below $22,000 a year, we're talking about a family of
8:21 am
four here, considered in that grip of poverty. but that number seems very low to me. a family of four, on $22,000 a year. is that a real number? who can survive off of that? >> that's an excellent point. $22,000 is way to low to survive on in the district. the economic policy institute estimate that's a family of three would need to make $63,000 just to make the basic necessitates like necessity -- necessitates to get by. >> it seems like we're setting the bar too low because people are still struggling at $22,000 a year? >> exactly. and there are thoughts of people that aren't captured in that number that are having just as hard of a time. >> and as far as the fiscal community does, have you studied what this does to a population when we see this
8:22 am
low, the lowest in 15 years. what does this mean for us in trying to get out of it. >> look ago head, one of the things we see is d.c. is creating jobs right now. we're leading the nation in job gains, but unemployment is still high. so d.c. residents aren't getting the jobs. so d.c. needs to make sure its training residents and providing them with the skills they need to take advantage of the economic opportunity the city is creating. >> jenny reed with the d.c. fiscal policy institute, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> steve, over to you. time is 8:22 on this monday morning. we do have good news about the bp oil spill. we'll have that next. and then in the next hour we're live with some of the treasures can find at the habitat for humanity re-store. it's a bargain hunter's paradise and holly is there. we'll have more coming up in a little bit. and america needs jobs.
8:23 am
8:24 am
wind power can deliver on both - but only if the senate encourages investment by passing a strong renewable electricity standard. with a strong res, we can keep 85,000 wind power workers on the job, and create hundreds of thousands of new jobs, too. jobs that america could really use right now. for american jobs, tell your senators to pass a renewable electricity standard today.
8:25 am
more than five months after the deadly explosion in the gulf of mexico, the well is now finally plugged for good. the government's point man in the gulf thad allen has declared the blown-out well dead. now president obama is
8:26 am
repeating his promise of making sure the gulf coast fully recovers from the disaster. the president called the plugging an important milestone but said the road ahead will not be easy for the region. firefighters are trying to contain an if uncontrolled fire burning in the salt lake city, utah, area. two homes have been destroyed and 1200 people have been evacuated. it's already burned more than 300 acres. dry brush caught fire during an artillery training session. 8:26. up next we'll check out stories making headlines. >> and dave ross joins us with monday morning quarterback. and even though the redskins lost, kennedy who is walking around still has his burgundy and gold purchase on. and tony perkins still has its flags on his car. >> we like that. they played well yesterday.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
68 degrees at 8:29.
8:30 am
let's look at stories making headlines this morning. virginia is set to execute a woman for the first time in almost 100 years. 41-year-old theresa lewis is scheduled to die by lethal injection on thursday. she pled guilty to two counts of murder for hire and arranging the death of her husband and her stepson in 2003. world leaders gearing up for the general assembly as the united nations in new york and all eyes are on ahmadinejad who is known for his remarks for attacks on the u.s. and israel. he has not said whether two hikers will be released from a prison following the release of sarah shourd last week. her fiance and friend are still being held. and a heads up for students and parents. three anne arundel county schools are closed because of a water main break. they are chesapeake high
8:31 am
school, middle school and scroll fers mackenzie -- folgers mackenzie middle school. and we said kennedy was still wearing his colors. >> we like that spirit, even after a loss. >> if they lose again, will he wear it again. >> yes; because that's what a real fan does. he's so loveable. >> doesn't have much to say. he's the strong, silent type, many dogs don't speak. >> no. they don't. let's talk weather. and more sunshine in the forecast. going to be beautiful today and for the next is several days. week starts with sunshine after a cold front moves through overnight. we're going to be nice and cool today with high temperatures of about 80 or so. we're going to heat up. i know fall starts on wednesday but it will feel like summer around here for the middle of the week because we'll be hot and humid out there by wednesday, thursday and friday. high temperatures will be about 90 or so. little chance of rain this week. we need the rain. we have only three quarters of an inch of rain for this month
8:32 am
and we're running about deficit of 7 inches for the year. and we need the rain. unfortunately not many chances this week. igor is still a hurricane. category one hurricane, battering bermuda for the better part of 24 hours. temperatures are comfortable. 68 at reagan national. 68 in quantico. leonardtown has a temperature of 66 degrees. gaithersburg 61. so the cooler and drier air moving in. winds shifting out of the northwest gusting at 25 miles per hour and you'll notice the cooler air out there during the morning. it will feel drier as well. here is your satellite radar and very quiet conditions. off to the north and west. not much happening off to the east. that is what is left over of igor. it will push out here and that's good news. it's a slow-mover. our forecast good. 80 degrees for an afternoon high after clouds. winds out of the north at 5 miles per hour. and the five-day forecast, next several days look gorgeous. a lot of sunshine with high
8:33 am
temperatures. summery around here, wednesday, thursday and friday, upper 80 toss about 90 and plenty of humidity. at least for september. that's a look at the forecast. let's get back over to steve and dave with the redskins talk. yesterday the skins tried to do something they haven't done in years, start the season 2-0 after last year's record. join us to play monday morning quarterback. here is what i want to know. sometimes you don't have to win the game. this is a loss on the record for the season. but what do they take out of the game to move forward? >> a lot of thing. you know the old clip a, each team gave 110%, it's ashame somebody has to lose. they are all true. it might be the best game you see all year, it was that good. and i think the first positive is donovan mcnabb. if you were worried they are getting damaged goods, a guy
8:34 am
that has seen better days and the best years are behind him, i don't think so. i mean he had 426 yards yesterday. >> how do you argue with that? >> 426 is unheard of. and then matt schaub put 497 up. but the gift of this receiving core is more impressive because they don't have an andre johnson. the guys they have stepped up and he makes everybody better and he spreads it around and that's what you are getting and that's what you hope to see all year. and i don't know if you expect to see a wide open offense as much as they saw yesterday. they're going to have to get the running game in order, to be a big time contender. but so far so good at the quarterback position. after the game, he's a leader and he'll let you know he's a leader by his comments. >> i'm a competitor and i hate losing. it doesn't matter if i pass for 500 yards or 100 and something, it's about winning and that's what the bottom line is. at the end of the season it's
8:35 am
about wins and losses. who has 8, 9, ten wins to get into the playoffs or who is not able to get in. and i think this team is talented enough where we can be able to bounce back after a game like this and get this thing rolling and i look forward to obviously being able to lead that for these guys. >> i love to hear that and i'll tell you why. because in this age of the multi gazillion dollar contracts and playing for statistics, i love to hear a guy that you get the feeling he was happier last week when his numbers were not good, but because they won. >> and he will not have a contract after the year right now. he's not playing for money but -- >> but if he wins, everybody will get behind him. >> they will fall in line. >> absolutely true. and that's the thing. you have to 8, 9, 10 wins to make the playoffs. that's what he's about. mcnabb didn't come here to be 6- 10. he didn't come here to do what
8:36 am
the redskins have done the last couple of years. he came to bring this team back into playoffs and the promise where this team used to be years ago and they have the guy that will pull the trigger and make that happen. you would think next week, they go to st. louis. >> young quarterback. >> yes. but you would think this is the type of game where the veteran leadership of mcnabb will carry over into a positive effect if you get a win that they have to get next sunday in st. louis. now the defense is probably tired. because they were on the field a long time yesterday. and that's what happens, one, when you score quickly, as they did in the first half, but two, when you can't run effectively, your defense has to stay on the field and they wore out at the end of the 3rd quarter and then to andre johnson to send it to overtime. they played their guts out and they played hard and all of those good things but it wasn't good enough at the end to get the victory. >> they will not give up 500-
8:37 am
yards to sam bradford next week? >> agreed. >> thank you very much. steve and dave, thanks. 68 degrees. it's 8:36. and if you are one of the millions of americans looking for work. stay tuned, we'll reveal our job of the day. and then tomorrow we'll talk with the author of a new book raising more concerns about the safety of cell phones. dr. deborah davis reseals what she calls untold stories of cell phone industry cover-ups and explains what everybody needs to know what to do about cell phone radiation without hanging up for good. we'll be right back. oweanyo
8:38 am
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8:40 am
some much-needed support for military families thanks to a local motorcycle company and the obama administration. hard core choppers is donated a motorcycle to be auctioned in las vegas. the u.s. army chopper bearing the autographs of president obama, joe biden and james jones will be auctioned to benefit the fisher house foundation. that foundation builds homes across the country and donates them to the government to provide free housing to families of hospitalized service members. if you are looking for work, make sure you check out our job shop online.
8:41 am
today's shob of the day is at the golden assisted living. you must have a current administrator license in virginia. if you would like more information on this job and many more go to and click on the job shop tab at the top of the home page. it's 8:41 right now. it is also national cholesterol awareness month. >> and when we come back, we'll look at some possibly life- saving warning signs for you. holly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. 50% off is a good sign that you are getting a good deal, right? well here at the restore in chantilly where we are live this morning, that's just the beginning. everything is 50-90% off. and it all benefits the habitat for humanity. we'll talk about the deals and tell you how it helps the mission in the process. we'll talk about it live coming up. 
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8:44 am
a very special sunday picnic for 200 kids. they gathered in mclean to celebrate life, quite literally. they all had heart surgery at
8:45 am
inova fairfax when they were little. some survivors and families traveled from as far away as pittsburgh for the chance to thank the doctors and have fun too. there is no warning signs for high cholesterol. but there are risk factors that medical professionals want you to know about and this is national cholesterol awareness month. this is dr. levy from northern virginia. doctor, good to have you. >> good morning. >> and we hear people talking about cholesterol and levels and getting checked. before we talk about what we should do, let's look at what we should look for. how does cholesterol effect us and what do we worry about. >> people think it's a dirty word. but we need the cholesterol and the lipids to help us with metabolism for normal functions. but there is good and bad cholesterol and the problem is the bad cholesterol or what we call the ldl cholesterol is a significant risk factor for the development of cardiovascular
8:46 am
disease, the build-up of junk inside the arteries that can lead to heart attacks or stroke. >> so the blood doesn't flow as well. >> it's not quite so simple. >> i like to keep it simple. >> but think about it like the pipes in your house, and if junk fills up, things don't flow well and the blood supply is interrupted to the heart, that means a heart attack and if it's interrupted to the brain, that's a stroke. and it is complicated and that's why there are risk factors that go into assessing risk and likelihood of developing disease. but cholesterol is one thing that we can control, that people need to know what their levels are and really the mantra needs to be know your numbers. and you need to know what your cholesterol is, your good cholesterol, which is the hdl, we'll come back to that, and the ldl. and know the risk factors like cigarette smoking and diabetes and high blood pressure and a
8:47 am
family history. in terms of the ldl cholesterol. you want it to be at 100. u.s. population is a little higher. but we have an obesity epidemic here. but if it's above 160 that is a problem even if you have no risk factors or disease. >> and if somebody goes and gets tested, which is what we're hoping people to do, and it is high, falling under the high levels, are there things that can be done to bring it back down? >> absolutely. first of all, there are medications, called statin. it's a complex formula into who needs to be on medication. something that everyone can do is stick to a heart healthy diet and go out and exercise and lose weight. exercise is the best thing for raising your good cholesterol or the hdl, which should be above 40 in men and above 50 in women. but stick to a heart healthy diet, get out and exercise. we just heard the weather report, it's going to be beautiful. everyone should go out and
8:48 am
start walking, start a walking program. if you're a smoker, you have to top. that's one of the biggest factors. and a study was just posted that if we reloose smoking and diabetes, we would reduce heart disease by 50%. >> and what effects us more? diet foods or processed foods? >> well meat fats are your saturated fats. but most of the lipids in your system is what you manufacture in your liver. only 30% is what you eat. but with a heart healthy diet if you get in red meat and certain baked products with the transfats and all of that kind of stuff, more fresh fruits and vegetables, more fish and foul. you can reduce your cholesterol by 10 or 15% by doing nothing more than that. >> how old should we be when we first get tested and how often should we go back to get tested? >> every five years for adults
8:49 am
is a good idea but that has to be tempered by risk factors. if you have a significant family history, some pediatricians are looking at children with metabolic high cholesterols. and if you're not a smoker, don't have diabetes or high blood pressure, or if you have risk factors urk want to be much more vigilant. >> and now i can exercise to work off the junk food i ate at the redskins game yesterday. back to you. >> steve, thank you. holly morris is at a tab hat for humanity restore to learn more about how you can benefit from the-- a re-store. and it's for a good cause. >> reporter: exactly. it is for an awesome cause. i've been amazed the those who work here saying people don't know they are here.
8:50 am
and we don't want it to be a secret. we want everyone to come out and help out tab tat for humanity. carl wheeler is the owner of 1, 2, 3, junk. and tell me how that comes into this process. >> we go into people's houses and haul away unwanted items for a fee. those that are salvageable we take to habitat through a donation process and it's a blessing for us because our affiliation is a big part of the reason why people use us in the first play. >> reporter: i can imagine, if you are going to throw something away, they choose you to come and get it. and i want to emphasize it because you are called one, two, three, junk. but a lot of junk is not junky. >> about 40% of the stuff we're able to take away we salvage. >> reporter: 40%, that's pretty good. and that makes this green because everything is getting
8:51 am
repurposed, recycled, reused, right? >> we think it would be as friendly as junk can be and it helps with a wide variety of stuff. >> reporter: and you're looking at the intake room and then the staff and volunteers clean it and make it look great and put it out on the floor and sell it right away. and i'm making my way over to carlene, since you are celebrating an anniversary. >> the families themselves build the homes alongside volunteers and sponsor groups. and it's been a real joy to serve the community here in northern virginia. >> reporter: i think a lot of people are familiar with it and how it works and the sweat equity. but this is real le enabled you to do even more? >> it has. the re-store supports the mission of tab tat -- habitat
8:52 am
where people can provide materials and all of the revenue gained goes back into the habitat for humanity. >> reporter: and we're making our way to nate jacobs who is a customer. >> just love this place. >> reporter: tell me why you love it? >> well i'll tell you what, if you want to buy some newsed material and sometimes you have new materials, perfect place, save a lot of money. if you like doing home projects and renovations, it's the perfect place. >> reporter: and where do you start? what are you looking for? >> i'm looking anything. last week i brought a practically brand new faucet and it's a $300 faucet and i can use it somewhere else. a couple of years ago i rebuilt my mom's house in the carolinas and practically did it out of habitat and i saved money. >> reporter: and the savings it good? >> not only are the savings great but it's for a good cause
8:53 am
because the money goes back to help -- to help other people. and what i don't use and whatever i have left over, i bring it back. >> reporter: do you ever find things in here where you don't need them, you think this is just -- such a good deal i need to find a project with it. >> yes. i always make it work for me. >> reporter: thank you for working for habitat. we appreciate it. and they do too. is our website. we have a link to the habitat for humanity website and the stores. the store is open monday through friday from 11:00 to 7:00 and saturday from 9:00 to 5:00. we'll continue to deal shop in the next hour. allison and steve, back to you. >> i have a feeling they're going to be busy. 8:53 right now. we've been documenting the bed bug saga and it's now shut down
8:54 am
a major store. >> and hurricane igor pounds bermuda. we'll get a preview coming up in the 9:00 hour. d ich ceys
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:57 right now. there is a major announcement from american idol, plus the return of fox's break-out musical comedy glee. we look at what is to come in the week ahead. >> reporter: monday jupiter, the 5th planet from the sun, will be the second brightest object in the sky. it will not be this close to earth again for another 12 years at 391 million miles. because it takes 12 years for jupiter to orbit the sun. tuesday glee will premier on fox for the second season. it was tomity added -- it was
8:58 am
nominated for two emmies this year. american idol has an official announcement of the you who judges. and a new release of the latest activity in the housing sector. housing starts and new home sales will also be released next week. and that's a look at the week ahead. i'm marianne rafferty, fox news. we're going to turn things now over to tony and allison to take us up to 10:00. world leaders are coming together in new york city this week for the general assembly of the united nation. so what is on the table in we'll break down the major issues they are expected to address coming up in a live report. plus christine o'donnell under fire for comments she made more than a decade ago. what she had to say about doubling in witchcraft and how he's reacting to it all now. and a nail-biter for
8:59 am
redskins nation. we'll break down the game and the next matchup. dave ross joins us with monday morning quarterback. >> what a game. certainly exciting. would have loved to see it go the other way but it is what it is. >> it comes down to one -- how many feet is that? >> inches. it's a game of inches. >> that's so heartbreaking. and we have tucker barnes standing by with an update on our weather forecast for today and it looks like a good one. >> guys, going to be beautiful out there. once again temperatures in the low -- here we go. >> we're broadcasting from a cruise ship today. >> it's to about 80 degrees this afternoon, expected sunshine. we could use the rain showers but not in today's forecast. humidity 70%. winds out of the north at 16 miles per hour. gusting over 20, so that tells us the frontal system has come through. and just a couple of clouds associated wit

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